Hair Transplant For Men

Human beings tend to naturally care about their physical appearance. Imagine how difficult it is to deal with baldness and hair scarcity when you have nothing other than your hormones and genes to blame. Hair transplant for men is not a new thing in the society. The idea was presented decades ago and since then has been in continuous advancement. It involves removing of hair follicles from donor parts and planting them to the recipient part.


Getting your hair follicles rearranged is costly but this wholly depends on the baldness level, the experience of the surgeon and the procedure of extraction used. For a successful surgery both the patient and doctor need adequate time. The amount of time consumption however is being solved by the robotic system creeping in. Minimal complication cases have been reported from these procedures.

Men undergo hair transplant operations for cosmetic purposes like growing an attractive mane, boosting beard and mustache connectors, altering hairlines and filling baldness. It is a safe step because it mostly leaves no scar and looks natural after a few months.

There is a myth that young men should go for transplant before the effects of hair loss creep in once they realize that they are prone to baldness. This however is ineffective because once the hair starts to fall off, the operated area is left as unnatural patch. At a young age it is almost impossible to know which area of follicles are prone to weakness.

After transplant surgery, normal hair growth is not guaranteed. The results vary from case to case. It is a package that comes along with risk factors, side effects, advantages and disadvantages. The advantages however outweigh all the other factors. The side effects can be managed by simple medications.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Transplant For Men

Pros: It boosts self confidence. It gives permanent results. The hair color and texture remains the same. The hair gets complete recovery in nine months and grows normally. One gets to own and manage new hair through shampooing and coloring without worry. Overall, it is a safe process. No chemicals and medications are used.

Cons: A slim linear scar is left behind and can be visible on men who prefer a short haircut. The recovery process is time bound.

As a conclusion, hair transplant for men has been a helpful solution for a long time. It is an operation with a reasonably high success rate. It helps one cover up a lot of hair irregularities improving ones physical appearance. It has been of help to people who have scalp diseases or fire burned skin. Complains have been made on the high pricing of surgeries. However, we look forward to more manageable operation prices and improved surgery processes.

The good news is that hair loss is no longer permanent, the solution has been existing since the first surgery report in 1952. Better ways of enhancing the results have come up. Before one undergoes the process, he or she needs to research and understand the procedures and go to a qualified physician. Precautions and measures should be taken to strengthen the existing hair follicles for the success of future surgeries.

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