Hair Transplant Questions and Answers

Getting a hair transplant is definitely not an easy decision for anyone. There are financial and emotional considerations when it comes to this particular medical procedure. If you or a loved one is thinking about this, you will find the hair transplant questions and answers below very helpful.

Hair Transplant Questions and Answers

hair-transplant-for-men-questionCan a teenager get a hair transplant?

While the short answer for this question is a yes, it is actually more complicated than it seems. In reality, you can get a hair transplant at any age. But it is advisable that you only undergo this kind of procedure when you are 30. This is because you are still young and your hair loss could still be reversible. It is better for you to investigate thoroughly the cause of your hair problem and try other solutions first.

Besides that, in some circumstances, getting a hair transplant early in life will mean that you may need to get it again several times more in your later years. This will be very expensive. As such, experts highly recommend a conservative approach when it comes to dealing with teenagers.


Can anyone have a hair transplant?

Technically speaking yes. However as mentioned earlier if you are in your teenage years or still in your 20’s, you may not be a good candidate for it yet. You should probably consider other options when it comes to dealing with hair loss. Check out these natural thinning hair remedies.


How many times it can be done?

Generally you should be able to get the results that you want after the first or second transplant. However, you can still get a third or fourth if necessary and it will be completely safe. As long as you have enough hair donor, and you can afford the procedure, you can have a doctor help you with this repeatedly. Of course, your doctor will be your best adviser if you have any medical concern regarding going through another hair transplant surgery.


Can you still lose hair after hair transplant?

When you get a hair transplant, the additional hair that was given to you will remain with you for life. However, your natural hair can continue to diminish in numbers. As such, you can develop another bald spot once more and may need to go for another transplant procedure.


Can sun damage my hair?

Yes. Sun can damage even your natural hair if you expose yourself for too long. In your post-operation period, you will need to avoid staying under sunlight as it will not only affect your hair, it will also prevent your scalp from healing quickly.


What is the recovery time?

The average time for recovery for most patients is one to two weeks. Your doctor may suggest a more specific time range based on your condition.


Any side effects?

There are some minor side effects when it comes to this procedure. These can include bleeding, scarring, itching, slight pain, swelling, infection, and numbness. They are temporary and can be easily dealt with by your doctor.

The things mentioned above are the common hair transplant questions and answers that you should know about. As long as you take these in to your considerations, it will be easy for you to decide whether or not this procedure is right for you.

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